The List

A hundred things I’d like to do before I kick the proverbial bucket.

1. Visit every country in the world.

2. Develop a university course on lifestyle design and exit planning.

3. Present at the Do Lectures

4. Hike the Inca Trail with my mum.

5. Make it rain in Vegas.

6. Cut my hair for cancer.

7. Buy my own apartment.

8. Kiss the Stanley Cup.

9. Tube the river in Penticton.

10. Invite a stranger to dinner.

11. Hike the West Coast Trail with Kate Hamblin.

12. Learn Kung Fu in China.

13. Bungee jump. Completed February 10th, 2011 at Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa.

14. Walk a runway as the designer.

15. Build someone a house.

16. Head butt someone.

17. Write a few books.

18. Cliff jump at Lions Bay.

19. Get a hole in one.

20. Be in a photo shoot.

21. Run the Boston Marathon.

22. Drive a matte black Lamborghini Aventador.

23. Walk the red carpet.

24. Snorkel with whale sharks.

25. Drive across Canada.

26. Host a TV show.

27. Raise $1,000,000 for charity.

28. Get married.

29. Change someone’s life (for the better).

30. Take Cap sailing.

31. Save a whale with Paul Watson.

32. Ice skate in Central Park.

33. Get a tattoo.

34. Get to the Met Ball (Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala).

35. Drive around North America in a solar-powered RV.

36. Become fluent in French.

37. Go the Highland Games in Scotland and rock the family tartan.

38. Host a massive party for our 50th wedding anniversary.

39. Play with reindeer in Sweden.

40. Earn a standing ovation.

41. Snowboard at Black Diamond Lodge in Japan.

42. Get a stand up barrel in Indonesia.

43. Take my family on holiday to Costa Rice (my treat).

44. Build a socially responsible empire that inspires greatness.

45. Visit the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

46. Design an ethical fashion line called HelenJean.

47. Open Cent, a restaurant on a hundred mile diet.

48. Co-own The Sandy Grape, a winery in Western Australia.

49. Launch Denim Records with my brother.

50. Show a documentary at the Cannes Film Festival.

51. Develop off-the-grid properties with Tiny Footprint.

52. Go heli-boarding.

53. Go to the camel derby in Australia.

54. High five the queen (Liz or Kate, win win).

55. Give a TED Talk.

56. Go sailing with Blake Mycoskie from TOMS Shoes.

57. Take a family gap year and volunteer in South America, Asia and Africa.

58. Take my dad to watch the NCAA finals at centre court (hopefully with Arizona winning).

59. Ride an elephant.

60. Host a family reunion on Salt Spring Island.

61. Get my pilot’s license.

62. Play in a band.

63. Take a family gap year and sail around the world.

64. Attend the Royal Ascot in a fabulous hat while drinking Pimms.

65. Design and build my dream house.

66. Live on a sail boat.

67. Shape a surfboard with Spider Murphy.

68. Develop the Summit for Social Change into an annual, you only miss it if your in a coma or jail, event.

69. Go on crazy in love anniversary trips.

70. Rent an island for a holiday with my friends and family to say thanks.

71. Ride a motorcycle.

72. Take the Trans Siberian Express.

73. Surf while it’s snowing.

74. Go on epic summer camping trips with the fam jam.

75. Send a postcard from Antarctica.

76. Drive from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Chile.

77. Compete in a boarder cross race.

78. Three magazine covers: Fast Company, Vogue and Rolling Stone.

79. Own a Nissan Xterra.

80. Adopt a dog from the SPCA.

81. Arrive somewhere via helicopter.

82. Name a star after each of my kids.

83. Hang out with Elon Musk and talk cars, empires and swagger.

84. Help my dad recover from double knee replacement surgery.

85. Go to fashion school in Paris.

86. Go on exotic best friend catch up trips.

87. Take my mum to New York or Paris for fashion week.

88. Complete a 90 day yoga challenge.

89. Create an organic protein drink that is actually delicious and sell it at a price that Whole Foods finds uncomfortably low.

90. Be able to hold scorpion pose for as long as I want.

91. Have a home office that resembles Ironman’s basement.

92. Help my kids practice their favourite sport/instrument/whatever they love to do.

93. Coach a basketball team with my dad.

94. Host family dinners at a massive wooden dining room table.

95. Go on sibling trips with Sam and our families when we are old.

96. Start a family tradition.

97. Make birthday time capsules.

98. Have a library full of real books.

99. Kick gluten-freedom to the curb.

100. Pay it forward.


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