The Mark Coat By Nicole Bridger

photo 1

Let me be very clear about this. I am not a style blogger.

For the most part, my look revolves around waterproofing and what is clean(ish). That being said, I recently added a new winter coat to my style arsenal and it is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I own. The Mark Coat by Nicole Bridger is amazing for a multitude of reasons. It’s made in Vancouver, it’s designed by Nicole Bridger, it’s named after Mark Brand. There is a plethora of social venture, bar raising, ethical fashion goodness packed into this coat. There’s also art printed on the lining, the buttons bear tiny coats of arms, the collar is wide enough to protect you from any weather and/or papparazzi. But the best part, is how it transforms you when you wear it. You could have woken up six minutes prior to leaving your house, but you put this coat and suddenly, you’re polished! Chic! Maybe you just arrived from New York. Or Paris. Or London. Probably London, because when you wear it with your best riding boots… Very Kate Middleton. Basically, this coat could snag you royal.

The Mark Coat comes in Navy or Black, and you can get it online at or at their West 4th shop in Vancouver. If they happen to be out of your size, don’t worry. They are making (just a few) more.

photo 3

Pretty sure that’s a lion and a unicorn.

photo 4

The inside lining. Artwork by Ben Tour

photo 5

Probably the only collar I will actually pop.

photoMy new favourite coat.


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