4 Small Goals… Before 2014

4 small goals

One of my absolute favourite blogs of all time is called A Beautiful Mess. Written by two crafty girls, Elsie and Emma, who also happen to run an amazing dress shop, the blog is full of brilliant DIY ideas. I will likely never complete any of their project, but hope to buy almost all of them from someone who did on Etsy.

There was one post however, that I could actually wrap my head around. Four Simple Goals… before 2014 was written by Elsie this week and it’s brilliant. My goal setting know how comes from sports and lululemon. It’s all BHAGs and SMART goals and visions and 10 year plans and to be honest, it gets fairly overhwhelming. You can read all about how to set your own simple, seasonal goals here. If you want to know what mine are, they’re below. One of the caveats is that you need to let people know how you’re going with your goals. Since one of my goals is to write more “just for fun” stuff, I’ll be documenting the progress, and other fun things, on this blog. Hopefully weekly. I’m pretty sure my goals are simple ones, but I made them small as well. So here’s to small, fun goals that don’t cause anxiety or sleep deprivation.

Four Small Goals… Before 2014

  1. Take more photos and videos of everyday life.
  2. Host a chosen family dinner.
  3. Send Christmas cards before Christmas.
  4. Write more “just for fun” stuff.

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