Soul’d Out

I think that people are like houses. After a while they accumulate a bunch of junk and it becomes cluttered and crowded and the good stuff sometimes gets lost. For me, it gets to a point where I can’t find anything I need anymore and then I know that it’s time to get rid of the old junk. I liken this to a garage sale. I dig out all the old crap, the beliefs, the memories, anything that’s getting in the way or I don’t use anymore, and dump it on my proverbial front lawn.

Sometimes, none of it leaves, and I have to pack it all back up, stick it back in my heart and carry on. On other occasions I am much luckier. I get rid of everything and there are people there to help lug away the heavy stuff and make room for the new stuff that I really want. When that happens, I feel light and free and a deep sense of calm. Sort of a “bring it on because I have made space for my dreams to come true” feeling. I’m ready because I’ve done a crapload of heavy lifting and gotten rid of all the junk that was taking up space. Today, I was lucky enough to experience this wonderful feeling and a wonderful mentor/friend/guru and I came up with a new name for it. Soul’d out. My garage sale soul’d out and I’m ready for the great new things that I really really want. Are you feeling cluttered? Any ideas on how to clear space and get soul’d out? Let me know!


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