Back to the Blog: Part 5 – Seeking Refuge in the Southern Hemisphere

In December, it finally sunk in that I was headed off the Africa in January and needed some people to run ALMG while I was gone or it would fall apart. I recruited about 40 people to cover everything and we (plus 400 wonderful people) celebrated our launch party in January, 10 days before I left for my South African dream trip. I offered no direction, a slew of unreasonable goals and a set of impossibly high standards.

Not surprisingly, ALMG fell apart anyway. I was so burnt out and so far away that for the first few months, I didn’t really care. I slept, I surfed, I read books and had an amazing time with a brand new set of friends. When people asked what I did, I’d tell them I ran a website in Canada and hoped they wouldn’t check it out.

Finally, after a complete 180 of how I spent my time, I realized that as much as I loved being a surf bum, traveling the world and making amazing new friends, I still wanted something more. I still wanted my own company, something that I could use to affect real change. I didn’t want the suit, the corner office or the company car. I wanted freedom. The freedom to wear whatever I wanted, to work wherever I wanted (perfereably a home studio that could double as a corporate headquarters and creative oasis), and to drive whatever I wanted (in my case, a Ford Escape Hybrid, sailboat and a plane). Ambitious, yes. Impossible, probably not.


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