Back to the Blog: Part 4 – B is for Burnout

On October 1st, I moved back in with my parents to save money for Africa (I was still going on my dream trip) and wrote most of that month’s articles myself. I spent every waking hour wishing and praying that something would work. I was awake until 4:00am working on things, then up at 8:00am to start again. I tweeted, Facebook’d and hustled more than I ever had in my life. ALMG was finally gaining traction. I wrote an ebook, we did a flash mob, I convinced my brother to come caroling with me and we even went to a TOMS Shoes event. I got friends to take photos, make videos, and write for us. Finally something was working.

Slowly but surely, the joy that I’d felt when creating my own idea and turning it into a business was replaced by a general resentment toward anyone and everyone. I disliked people who had the time to take days off. I regarded anyone who was sleeping more than 4 hours a night as a slacker. I thought that if you weren’t burning the candle at both ends, then quite frankly, you weren’t trying hard enough. I later learned attitude leads to a little thing called burnout.


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