Back to the Blog: Part 1 – Vagabond in a Researcher’s Body

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m stuck inside with some sort of allergic reaction to tea tree oil. Seriously.

The silver lining: this appears to be the perfect time to start blogging again.

A question I’ve been getting a lot lately is how the heck I went from studying Kinesiology and Health Science at UBC to starting A Little More Good, a company that makes it easier for people to create positive change. To answer it, I usually go back to Fall 2009…

I started a new job running a research lab at VGH and my daily internal monologue went something like this, “I’m 22. At 65, I can retire. All I have to do is stick it out for another 43 years and then I can do what I want.

I’ll get my masters and my PhD, people will call me Doctor Jeanes and I’ll be a big deal. I’ll be done school by the time I’m 30, have some kids, get them through high school and university and then I can retire and go travelling until I become a grandma and take up golf and aquasize to keep my joints moving and my cholesterol down. And then I’ll kick it and have them play Jimmy Buffet at my funeral and sprinkle me over the ocean.”

Not a bad plan really, but for me, there was a resounding feeling of “meh”.

There was also a little voice inside of me saying, “Are you fucking kidding me? The same thing, every day, for FORTY THREE YEARS!!! Grab your backpack and get the hell out of here before it’s too late!”

Thank any and all gods for that little voice.

Still a little risk averse, I stuck it out and worked in the lab for another four months. Every day I’d  tryto find a masters program in Australia or a PhD program in Paris. I found lots, but the idea of spending my daylight hours in a lab, instead of cycling throughout French wine country or attending the camel derby in Australia, kept me from applying to any. What would be the point of going if I couldn’t do it my way?


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