St. Valentine

Valentine’s Day is by far my least favourite corporate holiday. As far as I can tell, if you’re single, you’re meant to embrace your independence by buying yourself something and eating your feelings. If you’re attached, you need to show your special person just how much they mean to you, as indicated by material goods.


Fortunately, this year was different. This year, I had the most romantic V-Day ever and had a record number of valentines (four). The day started with a trip to a secret waterfall  where we all went swimming and cliff jumping. Then my valentines and I went to lunch in town at an amazing Mexican place, aptly named The Mexican. Then we were whisked off to our next stop, horse back riding along the beach at sunset. As a grand finale, my valentines and I were presented with a box of chocolates.


Daily bloopers:

– My four valentine’s were the other four girls on the trip

– Sam and I went on the flying fox at the secret waterfall, I fell off and landed face first, which resulted in a black eye

  • I accidentally ate gluten at lunch and had a massive food baby for the rest of the day
  • While sitting on a street corner waiting for our ride to the horse back riding, we got honked at by a creepy old guy in a car
  • Every time my horse went faster than walking speed, I screamed like a small child. Eventually I got over this and instead dug my feet so far into my stirrups that I now have a rather large cut on my ankle.
  • The chocolates were from our trip leader because he felt bad that some of the girls couldn’t be with their boyfriends on Valentine’s Day.

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