Apres Surf

We arrived in Jeffery’s Bay! I am already in love with this place. Surfing, shopping and tropical concoctions at a beach bar. Here are two of my favourites:


The Vuvuzela

One vuvuzela

One Brutal Fruit (which is like a Bacardi Breezer)


Take the vuvuzela and do your best to make a sound.

Get down on one knee, tilt the vuvuzela upwards and get someone to pour the Brutal Fruit into the Vuvuzela.

Chug the Brutal Fruit as fast as you can and then try once more to make a sound with the vuvuzela to signal the end of your drink.


Those with musical experience, especially trumpet or cornet seem to have the most success.


The Fish Bowl

One large glass bowl

Heaps of ice

One shot vodka

One shot rum

One shot blue curacao

One shot

One beer

One smirnoff ice

One cider

One brutal fruit


Mix liquid ingredients together in large bowl over ice.

Use large plastic tube to drink out of bowl.

Best when shared with friends without cold sores.



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