Localism and Elephants

The best surf day ever was an anomaly. Today was crap. For everyone, including the kid who thought it would be a good idea to punch our surf instructor in the face. Upon meeting our instructor it is incredibly obvious that the only things you should really say to him are “yes sir” and “thank you sir”. Once you get to know him, he is one of the greatest surf instructors in the world and a stand up guy. However, if you insult his wife, drop in on him twice and then sock him in the face after he asks you to leave, you should be prepared for the appropriate reaction. To the little punk who had to call his mum because he was an idiot in the water today, you are a moron.

On a more positive note, we also got to visit the elephant sanctuary today! Apparently there are too many elephants in Kruger National Park so they have to put some of them down every year to keep the circle of life intact. Fortunately, there are places like the Elephant Sanctuary who save elephants and take care of them and run educational programs for locals and tourists to learn more about them. We got to meet three elephants from Botswana, Thandi, Marula and Jabu. Then we got to hold their trunks and walk with them, feed them, learn all about them and then feed them some more. They are amazing and it was by far the coolest animal experience I’ve ever had.


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