Did My Wetsuit Get Towed?

Today I was reminded of one of my least favourite feelings. Coming out to your car and realizing that it had been towed. Only today, I went out to get my wetsuit and realized it had been stolen. My one week old wetsuit was gone and I had to buy a new one right away since we were leaving for Plett in about two hours. Great.

This fun feeling was only intensified by Bevon coming back from his surf and telling us about a sketchy guy who was trying to sell him wetsuits… Probably my wetsuit. Unfortunately, this was before he knew mine was gone, along with two others from our crew as well.

On the plus side, I got a new wetsuit for super cheap and it’s sort of a piece of crap which means that I won’t overheat as the water gets warmer as we move up the coast. Hazzah.

Oh, then we spent eight hours in our sweat box of a van driving to Plettenburg Bay.


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