Table Mountain

I’ve always loved the idea of hiking. Romantically traipsing up a winding path, stopping only to adjust my pack or take a panoramic photo, really does seem like a great idea. Unfortunately, the reality, in harsh contrast, is that it’s really freaking hard.

Today we climbed Table Mountain. One of Cape Town’s best known landmarks and one hell of a climb. If you’re speedy, it takes about an hour and a half. I was not speedy. Stopping frequently to take photos, drink water, eat snacks and pray for an elevator to open out of the cliff face added about an hour to uphill struggle. Fortunately, I was joined by some amazingly fun hiking buddies and we made it to the top intact. Minus a few electrolytes which I lost in the pools of sweat I left along the way.

The view from the top was like nothing I’ve ever seen. There is a cloud that sits on top of Table Mountain, appropriately called the Table Cloth. Every so often a nice gust of wind would blow it our of the way and we could see an amazing view of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and Cape Town sprawling below us. It was completely worth the haul up, which included stairs made of rocks and chicken wire and hand rails topped with barbed wire.


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