Jaws in Real Life

Reading back to January 25 you will see a nifty little post about shark alarms. Believe you me, that siren sounds much different when you are in the water. Like today for example, during our morning surf. The shark siren has gone off plenty of times since we’ve been here, and everyone takes note and guesses about the number and size of the potential sharks. Today however, that siren triggered the most incredible fight or flight response I’ve ever experienced and I made it to shore in record time. This reaction was later intensified by a group of people pointing out to sea and a shark spotter stating that there was not one, but three great white sharks just behind the back line. Holy epinephrine.


On a lighter note, the kids from the township came to the beach today and we got to help them surf all afternoon. The shark flag went from white to red to a nice calm black, which indicates that although it is murky and no one can be sure, they are fairly certain the waters are shark free.



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