KJ, Why Are You Running a Marathon?

So, this was originally an email I sent to some friends asking for help with my fundraising for the marathon I ran last weekend. I have a bunch of photos and videos from the trip and it was amazing and very much life changing. But first, here is the back story of why I decided to run my first race.

Hello there!

By now you probably know that I’m running a marathon in a few weeks. You probably also know that I’m running it in honour of my grandma. Every week before my long run, all the runners huddle up and one person does a “mission moment”. Basically you tell everyone why you’re running. Every week, it is a different version of a really sad story and most people cry and then we go run some stupid distance.

I haven’t done a mission moment yet and with only two weeks to go, I probably won’t. So, instead of telling everyone about my mission moment on Sunday, I’m going to tell you guys! If you would like to skip the story and donate some money for my fundraising, here’s the link: http://bit.ly/9CSBle. If you want to know the story first, here it is…

As most people in the Jeanes family like to say, my grandma was one tough mother. She was a nurse. She met my grandpa when he was in the hospital, phased out his current girlfriend and wooed him with her bedside manner. She lived with two of her friends, and all three of them started dating their future husbands around the same time. Their apartment was dubbed “the man trap“. She raised four boys, had nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. She was the kind of grandma that always had Count Chocula in the cupboard, ready for when we would have sleepovers. My grandpa loves to sail so we call him Cap (short for Captain). My grandma, on the other hand, was the Admiral, the proverbial glue that kept everything together.

When I was little, she beat ovarian cancer. When I was in grade 12, she beat Leukaemia. I didn’t know about any of this until half way through university. Not wanting anyone to fuss over her, she kept it all a big secret. Last year, I figured if my grandma can do all that, I can run a marathon. Sort of like a “thank you for being such a champion and living because I like having you around” gesture, because that is REALLY awkward to say to someone in person. I started training for last year’s marathon and about a month in I quit. I was working nights and weekends and couldn’t make any of the training days. I’d told her about it and she said she didn’t care if I ran or not, but that it was a nice idea. Then she passed away last March, from brain cancer. This summer however, I managed to suck it up, sort out my schedule and actually go for it. Now it’s more of a “thank you for being such a champion and living as long as you did because I like having you around” gesture, but I’m hoping that’s still a nice idea. At least this year, there is no quitting, a trait I’m pretty sure I got from my g-ma.

In conjunction to actually running the marathon, I’m also raising money for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society. So, if you made it all the way to here, please donate http://bit.ly/9CSBle. It’s great for your karma and you get a tax receipt!

Thanks guys!!

Love KJ

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