Days Like This

Once and a while I am reminded of a song by Van Morrison. It’s called “Days Like This” and it basically says that you are going to have some rough patches in your life but those are going to be balanced out by awesome streaks which gives you something to look forward to. Sadly, I am not reminded of it because I am super cool and like old music better because “they just don’t make it like they used to.” I am reminded of it because it’s in a terrible Mandy Moore movie called “Because I Said So” and it plays while Mandy is sad, walking home, alone, in the rain.

Sidenote: Movies on the W Channel are one of my guilty pleasures and I have a special appreciation for Mandy Moore because are we are the same height (5’10”), which dictates that I might also one day be famous.

Anyways, today was a “Days Like This” Day. Awesome mixed with some seriously not fun. I had an amazing meeting with a local prodigy named Arpen Thandi, which included waffles, tea, and a huge confidence boost. Awesome. Then I went to work and got yelled at by some jerk and his girlfriend because they lost the key to their lock. To quote this Ed Hardy wearing, chain accessorizing, 5’6″ fellow, I “am not God” and “can’t see who gets a key with their lock and who doesn’t”. Not fun. Then while leaving work I managed to knock off the side view mirror on my van by hitting a pillar with it. Seriously not fun. But in an exciting upswing, there has been a new addition to my apartment in the form of Nick, the new roommate. Kate (Australian roommate) and I are very excited to have someone to do “man tasks” like sorting out cable and internet connections and fixing things. Awesome again!

I’ve decided that I quite like the roller coaster of life, which is good because I really don’t see myself getting off the damn thing anytime soon.

Here’s the song if you want to have a listen.


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