Enjoy Being Fabulous

This morning I got to Spokes at 7:45am with wet hair, no makeup and glasses. After 45 minutes of moving and renting bikes, I headed up the block to my favourite Starbucks for the team coffee run. It’s safe to say that I was not looking my best. My yawning and eye-rubbing prompted a “Tired?” from the Starbucker, to which I nodded in response. This was followed by a “Yeah, I know what you mean, I’ve been up since 4.” Suddenly my 6:30 wake up seemed like a weekend and I felt like an idiot. Especially because this guy looked awesome, not only in comparison to the early morning version of myself, but just way above average in general. I feel like the free espresso may have played an integral role.
My celebrity look alike at 8:30am

After reading all the double shot mocha hazelnut soy skim foam orders from my post-it, he got everything ready in record time and even complimented my ability to carry a plethora of hot beverages at once. I somehow managed to open the door and instead of “Have a nice day” I got “Enjoy being fabulous!” as a parting gift. It knocked me right out of my morning coma. Why? Well, first of all, I would not call my morning state fabulous. If anything, “Enjoy being a zombie!’ or “Enjoy pushing your glasses back onto your nose all day!” would have been more poignant. Second, because not only did the wonderful barista think I was fabulous, he was reminding me to live it up and revel in my own greatness. Which I did, by trying to make everyone that rented bikes today feel as excited about life as he has made me.

To whoever opens the Starbucks at Robson and Denman on Thursday mornings, thank you! You are a champion and I like you. No wonder there is always a line.


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