And then, there were two

For the past few days, I have been receiving calls from this random 866 phone number. Assuming that I had either won some majestic journey through the Amazon or the king of yadayada land was desperately seeking my help, I ignored it. Then I received a letter in the mail. It was from Visa. I was instructed to call them immediately to rectify the small matter of my identity being stolen!

There was another me out there! Another me with a penchant for discount groceries and fancy coffees. In an ironic twist, my credit card is dangerously close to it’s limit and both purchases were declined. Although I thought this was hilarious, the poor Visa guy did not. We had to go through a bunch of recent purchases. Yes, I did buy those shoes. Yes, I did pay for parking. No, I did not try to buy $600 worth of knicks knacks from the Real Canadian Superstore. Yes, I did put a $3.45 latte from Starbucks on my credit card. No, I did not try to buy one of those ridiculous $200 mochalattefrappawhatever machines from Starbucks. It was exhausting.

So, in summary, two lessons were learned today. First, don’t ignore those random numbers calling you, it might be your credit card company trying to actually help you. Second, if you really want to stick it to the bad guys, max out your credit card so they can’t buy anything with it.

In other news, I saw Toy Story 3 tonight. I feel like this final instalment in the trilogy of my childhood capped off just that, my childhood. I have been feeling quite adult lately. It’s very disconcerting. Anyways, true to form, I sobbed my way through the last 15 minutes. What is it with Pixar and my heartstrings?


2 thoughts on “And then, there were two

  1. hey kate. that’s hilarious!! your life is so entertaining. and i totally loved toy story 3. it was totally the perfect ending, and i definitely cried for the last bit too.

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